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Flowliner Classic Black Coach Enamel

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Flowliner Internal Classic Black Coach Enamel and Classic Bike Rust Proof Primer

Having used the best quality coaching enamels for our own restorations since the late 50's we have decided to offer the same product in a useable size for the classic bike restorer.

How gloss paints perform when flowing out before drying will depend on the quality, as most modern paints have drying agents they dry, far too quickly creating brush marks, because they do not allow sufficient flowing out time. The better quality paints have less pigment and more oil to enable a better finish.
A heavy pigmented paint will cover well but leave a poor finish.

Flowliner Classic Black Coach Enamel is based on a very old fashioned manufacturing process using earth pigments, which are finely ground and then mixed with oil and thinners to give a high gloss finish with an exceptional depth of colour.

Preparation is the most important part of coach painting, remove any old paint and rust, and always paint in a dust free environment removing any particles of dust, prior to painting

Priming Use Flowliner dark grey rust proof primer for your first coat, using a reasonable quality brush, do not worry about any brush marks as they are inevitable because of the large amount of pigments in the primer, these can be sanded after 24 hours with wet & dry leaving a thick protective coating, which should be very smooth to except the final Flowliner Classic Black Coach Enamel gloss coat. After flatting down any paint coats, do not repaint until you are happy that the base coat is dry.

Remember the work is in the priming, do not take any short cuts, and always make sure that all parts are primed.

Glossing use a good quality brush such as a Hamilton available from B&Q etc.

Using a separate paint tin or paint pot eliminates any paint contamination getting in to your Flowliner tin.

Load the brush with paint then spread it over the surface in left to right, up and down strokes to achieve an even coat of paint, gently ease the pressure after each stroke and on the final finishing stroke pull the brush down with the weight of the brush only, always finish in the same direction to achieve optimum flow.

Brush cleaning use White Spirit in a suitable container; clean the brush until all the paint is removed, and change the white spirit 2 or 3 times, a final wash in soap and water, drying naturally.


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