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Flowliner Armour Coat

Professional Fuel Tank Liner

Why use an internal tank coating?

A problem fuel tank should be replaced with a new one, but as often the case they are usually unobtainable.  One solution is to have this professionally repaired by welding new metal into the structure.  As a last resort, you can prolong the life of your ageing fuel tank by treating and coating the inside.  This forms an inner lining to seal small leaks and to protect the metal structure from rusting.

Most fuel tank coatings have, and will, eventually fail due to the recent introduction of ethanol to fuel. FLOWLINER ARMOUR COAT is resistant against this and alcohol products such as ethanol.

Rusty Ducati petrol tank before treatment

After the Bio Rust and Flowliner Armour Coat sealant

FLOWLINER ARMOUR COAT is also suitable for sealing fiberglass and to eliminate tank distortion in nylon/plastic tanks.

FLOWLINER ARMOUR COAT is a solvent free white epoxy two part ambient temperature cure product that has outstanding mechanical, thermal, physical and high temperature properties when fully cured.

One Flowliner kit will treat most tanks up to 25 litres, you may use less quantity. The mix ratio is exactly 100 to 25 of hardener measured by weight.