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History of Wyldes Motorcycle Bike Shop

C.Wylde & Son Motorcycles was established in 1937 when trains and horses were a common sight ascending the cobbled gradient of Roundhay Road. Doctors and wealthy business people occupied the palatial houses in nearby Spencer Place. Clarence, started the business on an evening and weekend basis until confident enough to give up his full time occupation of van driver for the nearby Slacks Bakery.

The business is still thriving selling worldwide on our secure online store.


The highlight of our former wheel-building operation was when we were approached by a company supplying machines for the Sylvester Stallone movie “Judge Dredd”. We were commissioned to build the wheels for the space bikes, which led to the burning of quite a bit of midnight oil.

Stories from the front-line

You had a laugh in this job when some customers phone up:
“Aye up lads, can yer send me a spoke for me bike?”
“Yes sir – what type of spoke?”
“Well it’s for a Honda 18 inch”

And then the fun begins….
“Would you like galvanised, plain steel or stainless steel?”
“Don’t know?”
“Would you like straight. 90, 45, 35 degree, angled head?”
“Don’t know?”
“Well sir, if you would be kind enough to forward a sample we will endeavour to supply you with the correct spoke.”

And all for the staggering sum of about 80p, not fully satisfying but you never know the customer may want his wheels built for him one day.

George Parker, who has been with the company since he was in short trousers helping Clarry when not at school, tells a story about a chap who had just been demobbed from the forces in 1946.

“He came straight to the shop with his gratuity and bought a 250cc Panther.”

George asked if he was OK to ride it
“Oh yes” says he
“I was a despatch rider you know!”
So, he straddled the machine, kicked it into life, popped it into gear and with the throttle wide open and, legs waving behind the machine, ended up embedded in the display window of the shop opposite!